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Readers Can’t Digest-Week 79 (16-March to 22-March)

  1. Guess the world’s most literate nation


2. Bricks vs Clicks- Who wins? 


3. Elena Ferrante writes a creepy children’s story about a doll

scary doll

4. JK Rowling’s wizarding school expansion not so welcome


5. Recommendations for audiobooks read by women since it’s Woman’s History Month

woman's history month


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Readers Can’t Digest – Week 75 (8-Feb to 14-Feb)

1. Audible releases ‘Romeo and Jude’







2.Survey finds 76% of children prefer print books









3.Ancient Greek manuscripts reveal life lessons from the Roman empire









4.OJ Simpson BBC drama tie-in to Arrow












5.Hoopla and Ingram sign a new e-book deal











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Readers Can’t Digest – Week 73 (25-Jan to 31-Jan)

1.Publishing industry is overwhelmingly white and female, US study finds









2. Scientists find evidence of mathematical structures in classic books

giphy (1)







3. $11.5m payout in Fifty Shades lawsuit

giphy (2)











4. Buster Books drops gender labels

giphy (3)









5. Amazon Sales Top $100 Billion

giphy (4)